Main branch in Mechelen


Practice keyboards and pianos

The Mechelen-based branch of the Carillon School Jef Denyn has 8 carillon keyboards and 7 pianos. The students can also practice on these instruments after school hours.

St. Rumbold's Tower

The heavy carillon of St. Rumbold's Tower was made in 1981 by 'Royal Eijsbouts', Asten (Nl). The instrument has 49 bells with a total weight of 40 tons. The carillon is used for classes, exams and concerts. Students in the 4th  stage may also use the carillon of St. Rumbold's Tower for practice under certain conditions and after reservation.

Carillon pavilion - 'Sinte-Mette' Garden

The chamber carillon made by 'Royal Eijsbouts' in 2016 of the school has 50 bells and is used for teaching, exams and recitals. All students can practice on the instrument under certain conditions and after reservation.

School carillon 

The carillon of 'Hof van Busleyden' has 49 bells, which were cast in 1953 by Marcel Michiels Jr. Students can practice on this carillon under certain conditions.

The church of Our-Lady-over-the-Dijle

Students can practise on this carillon of 50 bells made by 'Petit & Fritsen' in 1965 during opening hours of the church after reservation.


The branches outside of Mechelen have a practice keyboard and a carillon. The practice keyboard is always available. The carillon may only be played according to the local regulations.