Mobile carillon

Since May 2016, the Carillon School also has a new, mobile carillon. This majestic instrument weighs in at three tons and has 50 bronze bells. It took four years to complete!

The people of Mechelen, carillon lovers, associations and companies helped fund the construction with a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunders could even have their or the logo of their company or association engraved into one of the 50 bells. Former Carillon School students from various countries also supported the project.

Traditionally, a carillon can be found high up in a tower, with its melodious sounds gently winding their way through the city. The mobile carillon will bring this instrument closer to the people. It allows carillonneurs to show their instrument, to charm listeners and inspire young people to learn how to play the carillon. The Carillon School's students can also play the instrument, which is very easy to play.

The Carillon School, the not-for-profit association Toren & Beiaard and the City of Mechelen took the initiative to build a mobile carillon.