Registration form school year 2021-2022


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Enrolment Fee

Adult (25 years or older on 31 Dec)

€ 350 (citizens of Mechelen)
€ 395 (non citizen of Mechelen)


Adult reduced fee*



18-24 years



Youth (younger than 18 years on 31 Dec)

€84 (citizen of Mechelen)
€104 (other places)


Youth reduced fee*



'UiTPAS' (younger than 25 on 31 Dec)


'UiTPAS' (from 25 years on 31 Dec)



Reason for application reduced fee:

  • Unemployed entitled to a benefit (on 01-09-19) or their dependants
  • People entitled to minimum income support or their dependants
  • Disabled people or their dependants
  • Students younger than 18 with another family member already paying for registration
  • Students younger than 18 with an additional registration in another academy (DKO)


When you are registrated for carillon in another academie (DKO) and you payed the enrolment fee, you don’t have to pay in the carillon school.


Reduced fee is only possible when attested by a correct document, not older than a week on the inscription date.


Only by bank - cash is not accepted

We don’t accept ‘opleidingscheques’ or ‘cultuurcheques’



IBAN: BE79 0910 1266 8633        

Adress: Stad Mechelen / Beiaardschool, Grote Markt 21, 2800 Mechelen

Your registration will be completed only after payment and after submission of the registration form by mail or e-mail at least September 15.

Reason for application reduced fee